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Uncover the secrets of the fishing industry

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Today's fishing gear industry competition is becoming more and more powerful, followed by the overwhelming advertising. Faced with those who blow the hype of the ads, fishing enthusiasts how to avoid being cheated? The author of some of the fishing gear circle is still relatively understanding, but often see those false advertising, feeling very sad, how many fishing enthusiasts deceived it? Has long been uncovering the fishing industry, non-standard, false, false advertising ideas. Decryption fishing gear industry of various rivers and lakes. Perhaps a lot of fishing gear manufacturers to see the following will be very hate me, but in order to the interests of the majority of fishing, I still have to say to facilitate the faithful to identify the authenticity of the fool to prevent deceived. Ninety percent of the world's rods are made in China, while eighty percent of China's fishing rods are produced in Weihai (followed by Cangzhou by the river). Ninety-five percent of the country's high-end poles are made in Weihai. However, the media will see a lot of other areas of the so-called "well-known manufacturers," there are several series of fishing rod, and advertising, all kinds of endless events. Obviously, they are OEM, so that fishing rod fishing rods will be invisible for these "well-known manufacturers," spent two more money: a sum is the cost of OEM and profit, one is advertising And the cost of the event. How much cost I was an outsider, and we can estimate it. Can be judged from the overall championship bonus to judge and advertising time and frequency to determine the general such a rod in the ad which will repeatedly emphasize the painting, the block, tail block what, with a ring, anti-lock, Not afraid to step on ... ... they are looking for their own selling point. Who always hold the pole pole it? Why do not do specific experiments to illustrate how their pole to exercise it?
There is also a crash test in the automotive industry. We also come to a destructive test to see how much fishing force will burst pole, I believe we are not directed at the painting and packaging to buy the fishing rod. When it comes to fishing experiments, how to always get a bar to a long line to "flat fishing" ... ... "top fishing" ... ..., why not get a Qi pole line to the top fishing What? Not the bar. Now how many people play long pole short? Qi pole line fishing weight was the most convincing, fly a big fish we look at. There are foot pedal body does not break, this is your selling point? Who's nothing like this to step on the pole, you can not step on it, do not on the floor, try to go to the reservoir side! Well, are rivers and lakes tricks. Know fishing faithful to take their own pole is not willing to step on, so this 忽悠. In fact, the rod and the ground and shoes in contact with the larger the area, the more difficult to damage. As long as it is not very thick pole, on the floor, no one can step on, eggs, light bulbs can step on, fishing rod count Gesha. Abandoned fishing rod, we can try ah. A lot of "well-known manufacturers" will have a very wide range of products, for example, in addition to the pole there will be stent, fish care, copy network, a variety of large box, sub-line boxes, hooks, tickets, fishline, Fishing line, fishing line wheel, fishing umbrella, glasses, lamps, pole package, shoes and hats, clothes and so on. There are many of the "well-known manufacturers" are playing a lot of foreign names, said the European ** well-known brands, the United States **** China Branch, Japan **** society ... ... people Europeans do not Play Taiwan fishing, are playing fishing and road Asia, is to play fresh water, are also ten meters of artillery, ah, they do cater to the Chinese people's appetite special? This is a significant feature of the bag company. China's chemical industry is in fact very outdated, gasoline is difficult to achieve, not to mention the production line? Really, the domestic fishing line really do not Zeyang, at best, do fishing line is also similar to the market, the so-called domestic brands is the largest import fish line (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea) to do the packaging, but the big brands No need to sell so expensive? Prices are far more than the original imported fish line, and your cost is really low ah. In order to Huyou fishing, get a fishing line to cut plastic wire box (we just find a cheap fishing line to try to understand) ... ... heard of wire saw it? Baidu look to see, so what can not cut wire saw? What is the fishing line pull the car, who knows you are uphill or downhill, ah, the level of the road, then, let alone fishing line pull the car, a Zen I can drive the car, read the line waiting for buddies? Are put out of the fire, pushing to go ah. Find a flat place, try to push yourself to see how much effort needed. If it is a slight downhill, do not push the car will be sliding, or else why handbrake it? .
Let's say bait. See all kinds of fish on the universal bait endless, but also cattle B, is to come fast, what three minutes, the Dragon ... ... Bi than to see who blows big, when they fishing around loud noise There is no local fishing friends? Oh! The original is not open to a high-density "reservoir" ah! ("I fish," the aging side of the loud noise on so many of the local Diaoyou crowd?) Why Sichuan small drug usage are the same? Why call cattle B crucian carp it? Silly! That is not the vitamin B2 plus the pigment it? The real work is actually your song wine and honey ah, do not believe you try! Rely on a child to play things now become a secret, but also to sell the money ... ... you Diaoyou ah, more in the basic skills and lessons learned sum up and down it, there is no shortcut to go ah! There's a name from the bait called "red worm" particles, or "red worm" what the crucian carp, carefully think about how much a pound of red worms? How many grams of powder can be made? What is the retail price? Besides, where to eat canned fresh good. So easy to use the bait, a small drug, why the athletic competition has never seen it? Bluntly, that is, those who do not know how to 忽悠 忽悠 ah. There are drawing powder, another name is wheat protein, and now everyone knows that is gluten, and then there is how much the purpose of drawing powder, short filament filament ... ... "Head" is a fineness of the unit, gluten dry After the powder into powder, powder coarse point of fine points and food What's the difference? Filament, short wire Daoshi has this argument, but the professional is to say that the pull is a little longer off is good gluten, relative, no longer pull on the long fault is defective, we pinch small fish with defective just .
Come talk about it. When it comes to floats, many people still feel great knowledge, very mysterious, in the end what is a good fish floats? Master Deng Gang told me once, modeling is reasonable, not draft, eye-catching is a good drift-off drift, who does not matter out. But many people in order to promote their own float, looking for selling points, put forward what Dayton drift, God ah! Dayton, you adjust the float is reasonable, the fish eat bait when the drift like, not caused by floating child ah! Oh, there are a few fooled? Your drift sub-design so scientific, why the aircraft, submarines, missiles, not made of the mouth of it? Taiwan fishing for so many years to go with the argument floating float it? Come talk about online shopping. In fact, online fishing gear products are the most chaotic, very serious fake and shoddy, mostly in the small factory, a small workshop production of fishing gear, not to mention the quality, are basically OEM production, And then several, or even dozens of shop to promote, benefit-sharing, looks like a big brand is the same (online fishing gear brand is to do so out), and the profit is not really low (the cost is very low). Some say, we buy big brands, Dawa, Simo, Gamakaz ... ... packaging, logos, certificates, including the weight no problem, but there are still tricky, here said A little, I hope you pay attention to prevention. A closer look at your number on the first two sections, there may be stolen, and more than 3,000 of the pole, the first two quarters is estimated to sell more than 1000. In short, I hope you keep your eyes open, beware of being cheated, do not covet cheap. Serious contempt for some of the domestic fishing gear manufacturers, we do not cottage so clearly please? Really a shame ah, let us not say how the quality of products, from the name of a small and Japan have to hook up to look high up? (And the Japanese goods "Gamakaz" the slightest contact does not), "Fuji fishing tackle" (really, and Japan's "Fuji" is not a half-shred of money) (Japan's "Sang Lai" line), as well as the "Kawasaki" (the Japanese "Sangra" line) Wu Nuo Seiko "," Kishida "," on the nine "," Wuhan pill nine ", the island, that this too much, but to say. A good Chinese-made products have to get some Japanese logo, just imitation Dawa wave pole pole, I see the country have thousands, and are white section painting, called a very **.
A little bit of their own characteristics, OK?
Come to talk about the import of fishing rod. Now the most sought after is the Dawa, Simo and Gamakaz, and why? Because the people always think that the exotic goods, and xenophilia, which is the legacy of the Qing dynasty, do not deny the difference between small things in Japan, but the price is not unrealistically high, these three have million hand pole, and very sought after, the price One rose up, out more expensive, analyze, his pole in the end why so expensive there is the market? In fact, almost all of the process, the quality is not much higher than the domestic boutique, and even the quality of several domestic pole more than Japan (personal feeling, not in detail, the provincial advertising Suspect), the price of a single talk about it, they are correct and rational analysis of the Chinese people's consumption habits and orientation ... ... "the most expensive, is the best." To put it plainly, such a pole is used to gifts, (local tyrants do not necessarily buy it to fish) to the noble nobility, bribery, run the relationship. The higher the price the more you can get shot, like a corrupt smoke, corruption, like wine, this is corruption ah, maybe that day the network and out of a "pole father". Now the fishing gear market is not a good standard, quite a mixed bag, uneven, nearly 100 million of the fishing people, the market is very large, so some of the next three manufacturers and some "famous manufacturers" in order to maximize the benefits of fish in troubled waters , False advertising, false advertising, cheating the majority of fishing people, I believe the future with fishing skills level of growth and information collection, will see more clearly, rational consumption, and will not be deceived again. Well to this bar, and perhaps offended a lot of fishing gear manufacturers, here say sorry, and hope to focus more energy for the fishing point of development of real things, do not ignorant of conscience to make money. Perhaps you have to learn more about fishing trick, together to expose these rivers and lakes trick it
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